The concept : “Linear concentration of solar energy by multiple flat or slightly curved surfaces”

Basic components: The Linear Fresnel concentrating solar mechanism is composed of the parallel reflective surfaces (usually flat mirrors), the metal structure, thetracking mechanism, the secondary receiver (optionally) and the receiver.

Operation principle: The mirrors track the sun in one axis in order to concentrate the solar irradiation into the linear receiver located at a higher level. The concentrated solar irradiation can be further concentrated by a secondary mirror facing downwards. The receiver converts the concentrated irradiation to useful heat.

Basic characteristics 
Shape of mirrors    Flat or slightly curved
Type of concentration    Linear 
Sun Concentration Ratio   10-70
Temperature Range   150 – 500 oC
Heat Transfer fluid   Thermal oil, Molten salt, Pressurized water, 2 phase water
Storage ability   Yes  

Basic Applications : The produced heat from the Linear Fresnel can be used for electricity generation by driving a turbine( or engine) connected to an electrical power generator, for steam generation by a heat exchanger, for cooling by driving  a thermal (or compression) chiller and for desalination by driving a thermal (or electrical) desalination unit.  

Technology variations : Moving receiver, Lens instead of reflectors, Multiple receivers, Curved geometry