Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies are expected to become a considerable supplier of green energy throughout the world

Should Concentrating Solar Technologies are deployed with thermal energy storage, they can provide a dispatchable source of renewable energy.

CST Technologies use mirrors or lenses to concentrate the sunlight onto a small area.  According to the focusing principle, there are two main concentration principles; line focus and point focus.  Line focus principle is represented mainly by the Parabolic Trough and the Linear Fresnel, whereas point focus principle by the Central Receiver and the Parabolic Dish.

The different types of concentration mechanisms produce different peak temperatures and correspondingly varying thermodynamic efficiencies, due to the differences in the way that they track the sun and focus the light. Therefore, each technology is used for specific applications. The basic applications of the CST technologies are Power, Steam , Cooling, Desalination and Thermochemical plants.